Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

Acupuncture is a form of energy medicine, but recent technology has brought the development of many devices that provide many different types of energy medicine therapies that can be used alone, or in addition to acupuncture. Energy medicine can complement other forms of medical care, or function as complete system of healthcare, addressing physical illness and emotional or mental disorders.

Energy medicine devices often reference veritable energy fields which include vibrational energy (sound), and electromagnetic forces such as visible light, magnetism and monochromatic radiation (lasers). There are many well established uses of measurable energy fields in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Some of these include: magnetic resonance imaging, laser eye correction surgery, cardiac pacemakers, radiation therapy and UV light therapies for psoriasis and seasonal affective disorder. There are also a few less researched therapies that use this type of energy. Sound energy therapy (also sometimes known as vibrational therapy) involves using tuning forks to create certain healing sound frequencies that resonate with the body to promote healing. Music therapy is another type of sound energy therapy—listening to music has been shown to lower blood pressure and to reduce pain and anxiety.

We use two different machines to measure energetic fields and provide therapy for patients.

SCIO Device

The SCIO device was developed based on the principals of quantum physics. Using biofeedback principals, the SCIO can detect abnormal frequencies in the cells, tissues, organs, and meridians systems of the body. Reactivity to over 9,000 RIFE frequencies are determined and displayed in report form. Additionally the SCIO:

  • Calibrates to electrical parameters
  • Sends electrical or energetic impulses to the client to gauge reactivity
  • Calculates the electro-magnetic reactivity - impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance and frequencies - resulting in 16 different electrical parameters
  • Measures reactivity of the resonant frequencies of the body with the frequencies of nearly 9000 known compounds.
  • Transmits frequencies via recommended homeopathic therapies, biofeedback, electro-acupuncture, meridian, and naturopathic balancing to redress or neutralize destructive wave patterns

I have found this device to be very effective for stress, anxiety, insomnia, grief, and other psychological or emotional trauma. The SCIO can also be very helpful in determining the appropriate course of treatment for more complex cases.

MicroCurrent/RIFE therapy

We commonly use a microcurrent device in addition to acupuncture for pain/trauma, facial rejuvenation, and tissue repair. Because electricity will always take the path of least resistance, traditional electrical charges placed on the body will travel around the traumatized cells. A smaller current - one that can penetrate the cell and balance the cell electrically - can restore a more normal physiological state to the damaged cells. Small electrical charges may be helpful in initiating and perpetuating the numerous electrical chemical reactions in the healing process.

The microcurrent device we use is more advanced than the tens units commonly used by physical therapist and chiropractors. This device delivers microcurrent, while measuring aberrant frequencies detected in the tissues (inflammation, degeneration, toxicity etc). When aberrant frequencies are identified, this machine transmits inverse frequencies into the body to promote healing/correction. Combining microcurrent with acupuncture is an extremely powerful therapy for pain and healing of injured tissues.


This machines has also produced great clinical results for facial rejuvenation. Stimulation of the facial skin with microcurrent and healing electrical frequencies promotes detoxification of cells, stimulation of collagen and elastic, transmission of high quality healing topical treatment deep within the cells (normally products cannot be absorbed with the epidermis), increased production of cellular ATP, and tightening of the skin/minimization of pores. Although most people see immediately results after the first treatment, lasting change usually requires 15 sessions.