Injection Therapy

We perform subcutaneous injections of FDA approved homeopathic remedies for stubborn conditions, especially pain, not responding well to acupuncture, herbal medicine, and exercise. Clinically we have found excellent results with homeopathic injections of Traumeel and Zeel for joint pain, neck pain, arthritis, and lower back pain.

Injectible solutions come in single-use sterile vials, and are completely safe with subcutaneous injection. Adverse effects are limited to local bruising and discomfort following the injections.

Recent research indicates Traumeel injections are as effective for pain as conventional treatments including narcotic painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. Animal studies indicate traumeel injections seem to act by significantly speeding up the healing process instead of blocking the development of edema (swelling) from the beginning (for an injury). Moreover, its effect cannot be considered as the 'sum' of its active components and probably a synergistic interaction occurs to determine the final effect.

For stubborn arthritis, injection of Zeel can provide great, lasting relief of pain and inflammation. For problems related to lymph drainage, lymphomyosot can be an effective treatment strategy as well.