"I have never believed in alternative medicine, but my wife dragged me for acupuncture treatment after I had suffered with debilitating leg and back pain for several months. I had broken my hip several years back and have a huge metal sleve around my upper leg bone. The orthopedic surgeon said there was nothing he could do at my age to alleviate my pain. I was taking over 800mg of ibuprofen each day and was having extreme difficulty walking. I also had chronic lower back pain that flares up occasionally. After one treatment my leg pain was completely gone, and it did not return for 3 days. After 5 treatments I have not had any pain in my leg since, and no flare ups with my lower back! I wish I had given this a try sooner."

~H.G. Merritt Island, FL


"I came to Chelsey for regular acupuncture treatments for a large list of problems: severe heart palpitations and ‘heart pounding’, neck pain, digestive issues , inability to gain weight and depression... She is very kind and gentle, and takes the time to listen to my problems and really hear what I say. Acupuncture is the only thing that has been able to calm my heart pounding since my three open heart surguries to replace my valves after rhuematic fever as a child. I really feel like it has kept me alive. Another great thing about the treatments is my improved sleep and mood. Although I haven’t gained much weight, I am incredibly thankful for all Chelsey has done for me!"

~B.C. Merritt Island, FL

"I am a busy mom, yoga instructor, and spinning teacher, so needless to say I am always on the go, sometimes pushing my body much too hard. Several months ago, I developed severe burning pain in my hips that caused me to double over and made it impossible for me to teach my classes. Pain medications were not helping, and deep tissue massage actually aggravated it. I was on vacation in Florida visiting my mom, and decided to give acupuncture a try. I was only able to get two treatments before going home to Washington, but my pain hasn’t returned since! (It has been two months since the treatment). Acupuncture really works."

~C.L Bethesda, MD

I tried acupuncture as a last resort. I shattered my arm in a snowboarding accident, and had surgery to repair with lots of physical therapy. Five years later I developed numbness in my hand and 4th and 5th fingers. I became very concerned when my hand muscles became weak and started to atrophy. I had surgery to correct the nerve compression, but 5 months later the numbness hadn’t improved. The amazing thing about acupuncture treatment was that as soon as Chelsey placed the needles in my feet (no needles in my hand!) I immediately felt feeling return to my fingers. The hand would feel much better for several hours after each treatment. We added herbs and patches and slowly the feeling has returned to my hand and the muscle strength is returning. I have full feeling in my hands and fingers, with only slight numbness at the very tip. I am confident that by the end of my treatments I will have a full recovery.

~M.G. Orlando, FL

I have had insomnia for many years. I have tried sleeping pills and other therapies with no luck. Many nights I would lay awake until 4a.m. and finally get up. My inability to sleep was affecting my work, and I was feeling fatigued and depressed throughout the day. I was at the end of my rope, with no idea how to go on. I tried acupuncture after meeting Chelsey at a health fair. After several treatments I noticed I wasn’t anxious before bed, and many nights I could fall asleep right away. After we added a supplement to decrease my cortisol my sleep improved drastically, and I am now able to get 6 or 7 hours without interruption each night! No more sleeping pills. Now it is only occasionally that I have difficulty sleeping. It is such a blessing have a normal life again, thank-you SO much!!!

~C.C. Melbourne, FL

I was 60 pounds overweight, and could not seem to loose with weight with diet and exercise on my own. I was referred to Chelsey by my doctor, and she spent time reviewing proper nutrition with me. I also decided to do the detox program she recommended. It was pretty easy and I lost 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks, and 4 inches off my waist. After the detox, my food cravings decreased and her diet plan was reasonable to follow. The acupuncture treatments seemed to decrease my emotional eating habits and stopped my leg cramps and lower back pain completely. I have lost 30 pounds so far, after only 2 months and without huge effort.

~J.R. Melbourne, FL

I came to see Chelsey because I hated taking so many drugs. I had severe shortness of breath because of a calcified lung and arteriole insufficiency. This was affecting my work and I could not play my favorite sport, tennis, without using my inhaler frequently. I was tired and depressed. Immediately after acupuncture I felt like my chest opened up and I could breathe again. After several weeks, I stopped using my inhaler. Tennis became fun again, and my energy improved. I continued seeing Chelsey on and off for several months. The amazing thing is that when I returned for my routine yearly tests after acupuncture treatment, my lung images and function were completely normal! Acupuncture is incredible.

~Q.L. Kissimmee, FL

I tried acupuncture as a last resort before my third back surgery. I was in so much pain that I could not stand up straight. I did not expect it to work. I just figured why not try because the surgery was risky. After my first treatment my back pain was completely gone. I was baffled. Over the next week, I had twinges of pain, but nothing severe. I returned for several more treatments, just to ensure my back would be o.k, but I have been great since then, no surgery. One year later I am still working hard, lifting heavy, and not having pain. Brilliant! Now my whole family uses acupuncture.

~G.W. Orlando, FL

I have fibromyalgia and when I first saw Chelsey I was taking 14 medications. I was very overweight and feeling extremely fatigued with lots of pain, all the time. Within the first month of weekly treatments, I no longer needed my medication for gout, pain medication, sleep medicine, or inhaler. After the second month I was only taking 4 prescriptions. My pain levels have decreased dramatically, and I am able to travel, spend time with my family, and care for my grandchildren without struggling. I still get achy from time to time, but I only need to go in every occasionally to manage it. I have even lost some weight because I am able to move around so much better. For conditions like mine, I think acupuncture is wonderful.

~M.T. Melbourne, FL

I was in terrible pain after an exercise injury. The doctors thought I may have a rotator cuff tear, my wrist was extremely tight and painful. Physical therapy and strong pain medications did nothing for my pain. After several months I had a carpal tunnel release procedure which helped some, but my wrist was still very painful, and I had severe shooting, burning pain in my shoulder, and was unable to raise it. I would often cry because the pain was so intense, and this had been going on for eight months with no relief. I decided to give acupuncture a chance after reading about it in a magazine at my doctor’s office. Chelsey made me promise to give it six sessions to see how effective the treatment would be. After the first three visits I was still in so much pain, and was getting discouraged, but my husband was getting great pain relief, and Chelsey kept working with me to stay positive. After the fourth visit I noticed a huge difference in my pain level and function. After six visits, I am 95% improved with very little tightness in my wrist, almost no pain, full range of motion in my shoulder, and all my strenght returned.

~H.D Melbourne, FL

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