Bloating, Abdominal Pain

Bloating or other abdominal pain is generally indicates malfunction of the digestive system. Food allergies (including celiac disease and lactose intolerance), pancreatic insufficiency, improper gastric pH, irritable bowel disease, and many others can cause bloating and gas which can be very uncomfortable or embarrassing.
Bloating and gas is your body communicating that a problem is occurring within the digestive system, or you are making food choices that may not be the healthiest for your body. Attempting to map symptoms to food eaten may uncover a food sensitivity. Also, taking pancreatic enzymes properly, or simple fresh culinary herbs like basil or mint can address bloating. Grater Celandine or bitter orange pill tea are other very effective herbal treatments for bloating.

If dietary modification or herbal digestive stimulants are not helping with your bloating, acupuncture strengthens the pancreatic digestive function and balances the liver’s role in digestion to effective decrease bloating.